Foot Warts Treatment- Mechanical 101.

This is the mechanical treatment of foot warts, meaning the use of a scalpel and surgical treatment.

Scalpel Warts Treatment.

Sounds more gory than what it really is.

A Foot care specialist- Chiropodist, Podiatrist, should first reduce your wart using a scalpel. This will not hurt if done right. The blades are really sharp and the wart actually builds up hard skin which is the most uncomfortable part anyway- and hard skin has no nerve fibers.

You may see some blood coming from the wart itself, but that is because the wart picks up small vessels, and actually it is thought that stimulation of those vessels tried to tell the body that there is a problem going on.

Once reduced down to the foot wart itself, the professional should then do something about it. Sure you can just leave it but they should do something at least to treat it (they should dress the area anyway because of bleeding).

Just reduction of the foot warts does very little, apart from give you comfort.

You can do something similar at home. Not with a blade, but with a foot file. Use the file on the hard skin (when your feet are dry, not wet), once or twice a week and that will keep the hard skin down.

A good point to make is that you should really keep the file to that one area and not use it anywhere else- because of spreading the virus. Wash it and throw away after a few uses.

Surgical Foot Warts treatment.

This has got limited uses. It does work very well, but it can have its own draw backs.

Surgeons use a "lemon baller" type of instrument and literally scoop out the plantars wart. It actually comes out as a honey combed type of lump as seen below:

foot warts

So is it any good? Yes, but there are few pointers that you needs to consider first:

1-. It is an operation, which means no operation is fully 100% safe because of anesthetics etc.

2-. You will need foot dressings because now you have a big hole in your foot- so can you take time off work? Are you able to drive?

3-. The most common problem is how deep the surgeon will go down. Too far and then you get scar tissue- tissue which will never heal back to the way it was. This is more of a problem and always depends on how many the surgeon has done in the past.

4-. Is it really worth the surgical method? I mean is it really stopping your life, causing severe pain etc?

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