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Foot Spa...What Is Said

A detox foot spa bath is an option for people interested in removing toxins from their body. Many people in the scientific community and people who strive to live healthily claim that the foods we eat are full of dangerous toxins and chemicals.

Pollution and other outside factors also expose our bodies to toxic materials.

A detox foot bath can help in the short term to eliminate these harmful chemicals and the like from the body. Foot bathers like seeing and feeling the immediate results of their detoxification. The most popular type of the detox foot bath is the classic foot bath, sometimes called an ionic foot bath

Foot Spa Facts

Your skin does actually release chemicals based upon what you eat. I swear you can smell certain foods on people. We all know that urine smells different if we eat asparagus.

But one thing that the body is amazing at is to detox itself very quickly. It does this through:

  • Liver- this helps to break down the junk that goes through our blood stream. It regenerates to a point but it is the bodys detox unit. It helps with the immune system, stores vitamins and minerals, breaks down fats and carbs...and a whole host of other extremely important functions.
  • Kidney- this helps to filter and then to remove bad chemicals out of our body. They regulate fluid, pH, blood filtration and keeps a check on some hormones.

Within about 48-72 hours our body can usually detox itself pretty well- as long as we drink enough clean water and to eat as healthily as we can to help it with its job. If we eat some junk food then our detox unit kicks in and helps clear the junk.

So then adding essential oils into the water will help remove those toxic chemicals right? really knows for 100% sure. There hasn't been too many studies which actually show definitive results. Some studies show a handful of people tested. others are done by manufacturers or clinics that use foot baths.

This research article is the only one that I found that tried to figure out if a foot spa detoxifies your body.

They said no.

In their study they looks at urine, hair and water samples before and after foot spa use. They found only a teeny tiny amount of chemicals were found removed. It won't hurt to have one, but detox? Probably not.

Woah! Don't click away from here just yet. A foot spa can do something else

Foot spas do other things that actually has been researched a little bit more, than the detox.

Research has actually found that:

  • a reduced amount of sleep disorders
  • reduced stress
  • increase in body temperature
  • increased circulation
  • increased mood

One study that researched the effects of aroma massage AND foot spa on stroke victims found:

"The back massage using blended essential oils and foot bath can provide physical and psychological sense of well-being to stroke patients by increasing the body temperature and sleep satisfaction"

This study found a (small effect ) link between the foot bath and relaxing the nervous system:

"A hot foot-bath and oil of lavender appear to be associated with small but significant changes in autonomic activity."

Another study researched the affects of a foot bath on blood pressure. Their results?

"Our study showed that a self-administered aroma foot massage intervention conducted 3 times per week for 4 weeks improved BP, anxiety, and health-related QOL [quality of life]"

6 don'ts before you use foot spas

The main issue are:

  1. Knowing what to put into the water. Checking out a Reflexologist or Naturopath might be a good idea
  2. Not putting in hot water. Hot water is hot water, its gonna hurt :)
  3. Leaving feet in the bath for long periods of time and not drying thoroughly- can cause cracking inbetween the toes and can dry your feet out
  4. Making sure you dont have any cuts or sores before you put your foot into the foot bath...that then promotes poor healing
  5. Cleanliness- making sure the foot bath is clean and cleansed after each use. If going to a spa, making sure they have cleaned it out effectively before hand- using cleasing techniques that kills all micro-organisms
  6. Fish spas mirror point 5. Unless those fish are being cleaned themselves and the water changed each time before a new pair of feet go in, know...

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