Fish Pedicures

by ewrqc

I've heard about it, what is it?


A fish pedicure is what it actually states. You put your feet into a bath and that moistens your skin and cleaner fish pick away at your skin. Yo get a very soft finish and it is painless.

Now when you look at it, even if you are not "medical" you can obviously see some problems:

1- dead skin floating about, I doubt if the fish wipe their mouths

2- skin on the fish

3- the water you place your feet into is probably going to be the same as the next visitors

4- do your feet get checked for cuts before you go into the bath?

These types of pedicure have been around for ages and people charge a premium for them, but no-one really thought the obvious.

Clinical tools have to be cleansed (not with a brush or liquid but with an ultrasonic cleaner) and then be placed into an autoclave. Just because something eats the dead tissue doesn't class it as being right. And using ultraviolet rays on the tank (for how long and when) is not going to do too much.

The idea of you using the same water as someone else is just plain revolting.

Instead of banning the procedure before it went into practice, they banned it after...quite bizarre.

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