Fingernail Fungus

by 132r123

I know that this is to do with fingers, but even so, is it the same as a toenail fungus?


You are right. Fingernail fungus and toenail fungus are one of the same things.

However, your fingernails get the wort of all worlds.

1- they get wet, then dry, then wet when you wash dishes etc

2- they get broken and do more "stuff"

But there is a plus side. fingernails grow at least twice as quickly as toenails, therefore any treatment will be more noticeable and be much quicker in the actual treatment.

The two points above are where you could have got the fingernail fungus from in the first place, there are 2 more:

1- using clippers that have been used on toes that have a fungus

2- picking toenails that have the fungus.

Bit gross, but very possible, where I would state that using contaminated clippers are a prime cause in the patients that we see.

Anyway, because it is similar to toenail fungus, here is the low down: Toenail (and fingernail)fungus 101

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