feettoe corn on tip of the toe

by tamako
(south africa )

The corn was removed by the medical doctor but my toe become painful when wearing a closed shoe even affecting other toes

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Jun 28, 2018
Corn on tip of toe
by: Dominic

Hi Tamako.

I have answered some on the Facebook Page LDFootcare Facebook Page and will add some more here:

"They can be bought from most larger pharmacies or superstores. I think they go by various different names, silipos, gel toe caps. A few things to think of first. 1) if it is a corn then the cap might hurt as it presses the corn into your toe. 2)make sure that the cap is wide enough for your toe as it could be restrictive. 3)see a healthcare professional first to remove the corn (making sure it is not a wart either) and then use the gel toe cap as prevention. In some cases your shoes might not be long enough and your toe it hitting the end of your shoe. Another reason is your toe is clawing and hitting the floor. If this is the case gel toe prop might be better- gently lifting the tip of the toe off the floor. All the best."


If someone removes the corn and leaves you then the corn is probably going to come back. Corns are there for a reason. Take away the cause and the corn usually reduces.

Your shoes might not be the right size so thats going to be the cause. Now applying devices to keep the corn down is OK but in time you probably need to change footwear.

Corns inbetween your toes can be sore, easily removed by a health professional and then then can be prevented with gel toe separators.

Corns on the out side of your toes- like your little or big toe still need to be taken out first. Gel shields are not too bad for these but wider footwear is always the best.

Hope this helps.

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