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ec orthotics

EC Orthotics is a relatively new business, having opened its doors in 2007,they prescribe and sell foot orthotics. Their motto is to ‘Treat and Teach’, meaning that it is equally important for clients to have and maintain healthy feet as it is that they are educated on how to accomplish this.

Founded by Eddie Chan B.Sc D.Ch., who has a degree in Kinesiology specializing in Chiropody, EC Orthotics covers chiropody and podiatry. Eddie Chan is a Registered Chiropodist, and is working towards his Certified Employee Benefits Specialization. He is also completing his Certified Diabetes Educator Certificate.

EC specializes in pain free treatment of foot problems. Their services include custom-made orthotics, prescription orthopedic footwear, and laser therapy.

Custom Made Orthotics

In order to provide proper support, cushioning and practicality they design foot orthotics using 3D laser scan technology to determine the precise shape of the foot while it is in a non-weight bearing position.

Their foot orthotics can be tailor made for many purposes, including sports, dress shoes, heels and pumps. The materials they use to make their orthotics vary, including:

Carbon Fibre – these are light weight and designed with minimum bulk.

Graphite –these are made from polygraphite and offer maximum flexibility.

Cork –for patients wanting maximum cushioning, these decrease both upper and lower body joint pain.

Prescription Orthopedic Footwear

EC sells orthopedic footwear made by Aetrex, Asics, and Boots including shoes, sandals, wedges and boots that are both fashionable and meeting the medical needs of their clients.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a non-invasive option for clients to treat muscle pain and ankle sprains. The laser stimulates the tissue to rejuvenate itself and heal sprains and inflammation. The benefits of this type of treatment include:

- Rapid Cell Growth–this is achieved by accelerated cell reproduction and growth

- Faster Wound Healing – due to accelerated collagen synthesis and fibroblast development

- Increased Metabolic Activity –the basic food source for cells is produced in greater quantity

- Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation – reduced scar tissue formation

- Anti-Inflammatory Action – reduced swelling resulting in enhanced joint mobility

- Increased Vascular –increased blood flow to areas that have been damaged

- Stimulated Nerve Function – nerve cell reconnection is sped up

EC also offers compression therapy in the form of compression socks which can stop blood from pooling in the feet and return it to the heart much faster.

On the EC website they have an FAQ section to answer common questions that their client may have, including information for new users who may have concerns about their orthotics.

Their website states ‘At EC Orthotics, we specialize in customizing an orthotic that will treat your symptoms, prevent future deformities, and will fit into your everyday footwear.’ It’s easy to come to the conclusion that EC Orthotics cares about their customers, and doesn’t view them as just another dollar sign. Their motto to ‘Treat and Teach’ is evident in the information they provide on their website, and the continuing education of their founder proves that they are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date care possible.

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