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Dr Scholls Orthotics and Other Products.

If it wasn’t for the birth of William Scholl in 1882, there may not be quite as many people walking around with comfortable feet today. From his first invention, the ‘Foot Eazer’, to corn pads, to his first line of shoes back in 1930, the Dr. Scholl’s product line expanded tremendously over the years to include support stockings, arch supports, gel insoles, back pain relief orthotic products, arch pain relief orthotics and eventually custom fit orthotics.

The name Dr. Scholl's is known around the world for foot care products and shoes, and their line of orthotic products target pain in other parts of the body through their clinically proven insoles. Now there are several pain relief options that are available through their orthotic insole products.

What Types of Pain Can Dr. Scholl’s Products Alleviate?

Arch Pain –This type of pain can be recognized by the obvious symptoms such as fatigue in the lower back, legs, knees, heels, or in the arch. Dr. Scholl’s has three products currently that they recommend for this type of pain, including Tri-Comfort Orthotics, Massaging Gel Arch Supports and Arch Pain Relief Orthotics.

Back Pain – Unfortunately the number of people who suffer from back pain is increasing. Usually back pain manifests in the lower spine, and each step sends aggravating waves directly to the lower back. In order to combat this pain it might be worth trying either the Back Pain Relief Orthotics or the Tri-Comfort Orthotics, both designed to cushion the jarring effect on the spine and lower back.

Heel Pain – This type of pain usually begins slowly, and may not appear to very intense at first. But as time goes on the pain will become constant in the mid-heel, caused by the pain that is radiating from the back of your heel right to the front. Products that Dr. Scholl’s has created for this type of pain and inflammation include Heat Pain Relief Orthotics, Tri-Comfort Orthotics and Massage Gel Heel Cups.

Knee Pain – This type of pain can be caused by overpronation, which simply means that the arch is flattening too much with each footstep. Dr. Scholl’s created a product called Knee Pain Relief Orthotics to alleviate this painful symptom, although it does mention on their website that this particular product may not suitable for those who suffer from knee pain because of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis Pain –This is a common health concern, and relieving the knee, hip or foot pain associated with osteoarthritis may be achieved by using Dr. Scholl’s Arthritis Pain Relief Orthotics. This particular orthotic product relieves pain by preventing the toes from being crowded, stabilizing the feet so that the joints are not irritated, and absorbing shock.

Many health problems can be improved when care is taken to wear the proper shoes, with proper insoles. Dr. Scholl recognized this early in his career and made it his business to create products that would help his customers in as many ways as possible.His particular passion for foot care has undoubtedly helped millions of people live more comfortably as they walk through their lives.

The Dr Scholls Orthotics Machines are not really custom orthotics. By the way that most people stand we always seem to favor one side and standing alone just doesn't put the foot into a position of being able to determine a condition.

These are predominately a different way to sell "over the counter" products. That is all fair and well but any serious injury and I am unsure if they will do that much.

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