Does Vicks Vapor Rub Cure Toenail Fungus

by qwef

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Here is an article on "home remedies" for toenail fungus: Natural toenail fungus methods

There was a study in which the scientists chose a group of people and then showed them how to apply Vicks to the fungus.

There were a few problems with this:

- 18 people were chosen, not a statistical figure at all.
- it still took 48 weeks for some change...not healing, change.
- ages of the participants?
- how bad was the nail initially?

I do not understand why people are trying to find a home remedy like Vicks (that contains menthol which is probably doing the job).

Do they think that it is a hidden secret, that the establishment is against them?

If you go online there are thousands of websites dedicated to this issue, but hardly any are medical based.

You can find a whole host of natural remedies for toenail fungus but each and every one will be the none!

Because it take so long for the toenail to grow. 48 week in the above study to find some difference...not healing. They had to apply Vicks every other week...for a year...

Natural or not, you will have to wait for that nail to grow to see if it has worked. But, you have to still continue the treatment until the nail grows to show a difference.

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