Do heels hurt my feet?

by sgswreg

Seems an odd, but very common question, but do my high heels cause problems to my feet?


High heels can cause some effects that can affect the feet.

1- High heels can reduce the length of your calf muscles if used over a long period of time. So when you put your foot into a flatter shoe then pain and damage can occur because the muscle now has to act like it is long. So other muscles try to compensate for the shortness. Compensation over time can lead to various foot problems as well as general foot pain.

2- A high heel can put pressure on the balls of your feet. This can cause hard skin build up because the body realises extra pressure is present and reacts in response. Corns can also form.

3- High heels are usually tight in the toe box area. In this instance, corns and callus can form on the tops and sides of toes. Also you may find your little toe nail will thicken up because of pressure being placed upon it. Some people may even find themselves getting a neuroma because of the toe bones press in on the toe nerves and thicken them up.

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