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From the desk of Dominic Hough. LDFootcare Content Director

Diabetic footcare issues are problems that is presently being experienced in a lot of patients. Here is the most common things that we see:

  • ulcerations
  • sockless feet
  • week old blood from open cuts
  • dry skin
  • patients who complain of cold or painful feet

...and many more issues similar to the ones above.

It Isn't The Patient's Fault...

Not at all. No-one has told them the basic fundamentals which could have prevented a lot of the issues that we have seen.

It could have prevented the complications that some patients have now got to live with.

It could have educated the patient so that they could have been

  • empowered to identify an issue, and then
  • find the appropriate person for that job

It clearly can not all be left up to the patient, yet it can not be all left up to the clinician- there has to be a balance, but that balance has not been achieved and people are becoming hurt or just a walking Diabetic footcare issue just waiting to happen.

A Terrible Statistic...

You will hear this statistic time and time again from me because unfortunately it is true and it shouldn't be.

Upto 80% of all Diabetic footcare related amputations could have been prevented

Isn't that such a poor stat for a world that is going into the 21st Century?

I heard as well that some countries are now implementing a techniques that can test to see if you are neuropathic- can feel anything within your feet.

The only issue is if the clinicians know how to use it and would there be any checks to see if they are! I know that we have been using this simple, pain-free technique since 2001. And it has been our "go-to" test for every person who we see.

Do You Want To Make Sure Your Diabetic Feet Are Healthy And Safe?

With all the above information, we became annoyed that the public are not receiving the proper care that they should in some circumstances.

They were not being given the basics of:

  • how to monitor
  • protect
  • and even what to look for- how can you tell that you have a problem in the first place?!

So we decided to create a completely free downloadable paper resource to help Diabetics with their Diabetic footcare.

This resource: The Ultimate Prevention Report will show you:

  • The danger areas on the foot,
  • What are you actually looking for,
  • What causes the most problems to Diabetics
  • Other additional problems can be hurting the Diabetic foot...
  • Obtain Your Free "Ultimate Prevention Report" Here...

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Hi. I'm Dominic. I treat patients every day at a local clinic. I am a trained Chiropodist and I care about prevention. I designed the website to help readers understand treat and even prevent issues from happening to their feet.