diabetic ulcers

by donna flynn
(clinton ct)

what can i use to relieve the pain from these ulcers..i can not walk at times..pain is so bad


Hi Bonnie

If you have a Diabetic ulceration (the skin is broken and there is discharge) then you should be seeing someone that should be taking care of it. If not, go and see someone. Pain and ulceration is never a good thing but it could also indicate infection.

That is the primary goal- to get the ulcer seen to as soon as you can. They should be able to take care of it and then off-load the pressure from the area this will help with pain.

The secondary issue is to make sure that the clinician has found the cause and can take precautions to stop that ulcer from coming back- which it will if the cause isn't treated.

All the best
By the way- don't home treat, see someone medical- Podiatrist/ Doctor.

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