Diabetic Nerve Pain Treatment?

diabetic nerve pain

Diabetic nerve pain is a real pain. It can actually be quite painful- ranging from:

  • sharp stabbing sensation
  • to crawling feeling over the skin

Diabetic neuropathy is a group of conditions that include:

  • dry or damp skin on your feet
  • feet feeling warm or cold when they are normal temperature
  • tight skin feeling

Over time these sensations- especially the painful ones can become a problem. They can keep diabetics (the main groups which have feet pain) up at night, cause them loss of sleep and even frustration and mental health issues (try concentrating when you have painful toes every day for years).

We once had a patient where they would see us every week stating they had an ingrown toenail, or something sticking into their foot.

After showing them that the nail wasnt touching the skin they went away. But came back a week later the pain was so bad. Again nothing there- it was his painful diabetic nerve pain.

What causes diabetic nerve pain?

We dont 100% know, but what IS known it that it might have something to do with 3 pathways:

  1. The hexosamine pathway,
  2. The advanced glycation end product (AGE) formation pathway
  3. The diacylglycerol (DAG)–protein kinase C (PKC) pathway

What happens is that an increase in blood sugars and constant increase in elevate blood sugars (constantly above normal ranges) releases breakdown products of these high blood sugars to be released around nerves and tissues within the body. The go on to damage nerve fibres and cause the range of issues diabetics have.

Is there any treatment?

The best and main one is to keep those blood sugars stable and at normal ranges. Easier said than done but it is the simplest way. If those blood sugars are kept "normal" for a few months then the odd sensations tend to calm down.

Exercise has also shown to reduce the byproducts of excessive blood sugars.

Massage and even natural fibres within socks have shown to help with some patients.

Unfortunately in some cases the damage has already been done. In this case Drs sometimes give nerve medication with calms down the nerves. You may have heard of medications like Lyrica and Gabapentin which are commonly prescribed for nerve pain.

Neuremedy and benfotiamine?

In recent years there has been research done of other methods of treatment of diabetic nerve pain and even the healing of damaged nerves. These include Benfotiamine which is the main ingredient of these new products like Neuremedy. The main difference between all the products is the quality and bioavailability of Benfotiamine. Sometimes cheaper is not always the best.

Benfotiamine is Vitamin B1.

Here is what is known in research (labs with animals mainly, some have had limited human testing) about Benfotiamine:

So what seems to be the problem? Why hasnt diabetic nerve pain been cured?

No idea :)

It seems to be a combination of reduced, full on human studies over a long period of time.

Also when you read reviews of some people who have used the products you find a range of conclusions. Some found it awesome, some found that it didnt work.

Now does that mean they all had diabetic nerve pain, some other pain? Or did they do something else which cured/ hindered their pain?

Like with any new medication I would consult the Doctor. Any additional medication, even if you think it is "natural" may interact with the medication that you already have, you may not have diabetic nerve pain but some other pain. And with anything new, get it checked out first.

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