Diabetic Foot Care

by qwef

Why does it matter about diabetes and my feet?


Diabetes has an important part to play in not just your feet but your whole body. Through the form of the condition it can affect every single cell in your body.

Your feet, hands, internal organs and eyes are particularly prone to Diabetes.

Diabetic foot care is especially important because it is one area that gets affected first and it can have a great impact on your life especially if you have no regard to your foot health.

Unfortunately our feet have big vessels to supply it with blood but those vessels split rapidly to much smaller ones which are affected by the Diabetes.

Nerves can be affected and people have experienced nerve problems within their feet that has been troublesome:

Diabetic foot pain.

If diabetic foot care isn't adhered to, there is a much higher likeliness of foot ulceration- in any age. And with a patient that does not care about diabetes, those incidents increase and healing can decrease.

There is also a problem with amputations. It seem like there is much more amputation within the diabetic community than the population as a whole. Some experts state though that 50-80% of all diabetic amputations could have been avoided if proper diabetic education was carried out.

So as you can see diabetic foot care is paramount. Here is the: Diabetic Foot Care 101

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