The Diabetes Bracelet 101

The above picture is borrowed kindly from Medical Alert Diabetes Bracelet.

There are a large amount of companies "doing" a diabetes bracelet. In many different versions. There are:

  • bracelets
  • rubber wrist bands
  • necklace with pendant

All of them identify that you have an issue of some sort. So you can get a variety of medical bracelets that are not just diabetes bracelets.

The Medical Alert bracelet homepage has a large variety of bracelets/ watches in a whole range of styles:

diabetes bracelet

The Medical Alert diabetes bracelet differs from most because they have a subscription fee (around $5/month) with that you get an ID and a phone number on the back of the bracelet/ jewelry. Medical Alert keeps your name, medical details on file. Emergency services contact that number and Medical Alert tell them your medical history. They then contact your emergency contact number. Its a 24 hour service. You can check out their website here.

Any other providers?

Yep. There are a huge range. Many of them just provide the jewelry/ wrist band so that if you are unconscious/ unable to communicate well then they have a rough guess of what could be wrong with you- or at least start with testing you for that condition. But they dont have a phone number or contact details.

You can find some in most large pharmacies.

The following wristband I found doing a very quick search on Amazon. Most are in the range of $2-12

diabetes bracelets

Do you need a diabetes bracelet in the first place?

For me I would get one. Because you just never know if you are going to get a hyper or hypo and some people could mistake you for being drunk or even treat you for a completely different condition. Obviously making sure that people who you interact with the most are known of your condition is quite helpful :)

Here are the 4  top main reasons for having a medical bracelet

  • if you take insulin then it would be very wise to do so
  • if your blood sugars are irregular and hard to control
  • if you do running/ exercise or go out on a regular basis
  • if you are going on holiday

The one main thing that you should do is always carry identification with you especially if you have no contact details upon your diabetes bracelet/ jewelry.

For more diabetes info, check out our diabetes 101 homepage.

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