Corn On Little Toe

by wreyw

I have one on my little toe, how do I get rid of it?


Corns on little toes are very easy to treat because there is always a cause.

Apart that is if you have a corns down the side of your nail which is a little bit more tricky, but so not impossible.

Corns on your little toe, as stated somewhere else in this Q&A session are present because your little toe is hitting something, and that something is usually footwear.

So the easiest thing to do is to get wider shoes.

This will not reduce the corn. You need that taken out by a professional and then your corn will not come back (remember slippers can also form corns).

Corn plasters can cause damage especially on an area where there is little skin and "meat".

Corn pads, life saver type pads are only good if you get the whole right over the corn, but there are problems:

1- too many sticky things to your skin can degrade it

2- stop putting off the inevitable, get wider shoes

3- if the hole moves then the corn will become sore and the pad will contribute to the problem.

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