Causes Of Foot Swelling

by Me

Do you know what could be the reason for my feet to swell? Usually after a long hard day.


Foot swelling can occur do to many different factors:

1- infection
2- a bone break
3- charcot
4- lymph problem
5- venous problem
6- DVT

Because you have 2 feet that swell you can almost state that it is because of something internal, in other words the likeliness of you getting an infection in both feet at the same time is rare.

Both feet swelling usually occurs because of venous swelling, especially after a long hard day. There is a lot of fluid being pushed out and being pushed into your blood system and if we do not move around sometimes that fluid stays within our tissues- we need to move around and use our muscles to allow our veins to take the blood and thus fluid back to our hearts.

So when someone has been sitting down for long periods of time, their legs swell.

When you get home put your legs 90 degrees to your heart and find that the swelling subsides. Usually just movement will help them, if you have been sitting for long periods, or even hydration.

If it gets a concern see your Doctor. Sometimes if swelling gets too much meds and special socks can be given to help the fluid.

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