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cascade orthotics

Beginning in 1988, Cascade Orthotics has been providing orthotic care to patients in the Calgary region through their on-call service to hospital and ambulances. Their range of care covers Orthopedic, Neurosurgical, Trauma, and Spine Services.

Thanks to government funding, some costs of these services are shared with the patient and government, and some costs are completely covered by Alberta Blue Cross.

What Types of Services Do They Provide?

Cascade Orthotics offers spinal, upper and lower extremity and foot care.

Their spinal care includes:

Aspen Collar– made from plastic, Velcro and replaceable foam liners, this is a cervical spinal stabilization collar.

Halo– used to treat cervical spinal fractures, this device offers the most support and stabilization to the cervical spine. Like its’ name suggests, the apparatus looks similar to a halo over a person’s head.

Halo Traction–using the Halo, the device is used to apply traction and realign the cervical spine.

Cervicothoracic (CTO)– this device consists of a cervical collar, a plastic anterior plate and aluminum upright, designed to provide stabilization for a fracture that is below the cervical orthosis or above the TLSO.

Spinomed– this is a prefab spinal orthosis with framework that is rigid and padded, with straps made of Velcro and consisting of an abdominal corset section. This is designed to reduce strain in a painful spine and control thoracic kyphosis.

Jewett–this is a diamond shaped orthosis designed to hyperextend the spine.

ThoracolumbosacralOrthosis– this is a rigid spinal orthosis designed to stabilize the lumbar and thoracic parts of the spine.

Their upper extremity care includes:

Shoulder–designed to reduce the range of motion at the shoulder, this rigid brace almost eliminates movement that will harm the healing process.

Upper Arm–this is a custom made and molded cast designed to offer the rigidity of a regular cast and soft tissue compression, while being removable and allowing movement of the shoulder and elbow.

Elbow–these devices are designed to limit the range of motion to allow for healing.

Wrist-Hand–these can be either made of a soft material or rigid plastic depending on how much support is required for an injured wrist.

Their lower extremity care includes:

Hip Abduction Orthosis–these are designed to keep the joint of the hip in proper position, and consist of padded plastic shells and a metal hinge, all held on by Velcro straps.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO)–this brace is almost as long as the leg itself, designed to offer stabilization for muscles and joints.

Knee–these braces are designed to facilitate the motion of the knee, which has been hampered due to absent or weak ligaments.

Aircast Walker–this device looks like a ski boot and is used to reduce pain and keep proper alignment for healing.

Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO)–used for people with drop foot, this device is designed to stop toes from dragging when that foot comes off the ground.

Night Splint–Made from plastic and padded lining, these are used to keep the proper foot position during sleep to help healing and reduce morning pain.

They also have foot orthotics, which are custom made insoles designed after each person’s foot.

Cascade Orthotics offers a wide range of services to those people in Calgary who find themselves in need of orthotic products and services. Their reputation and dedication to providing the best care possible means that Calgary residents can be sure the help will be there if and when they need it.

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