A Vicks Toenail Fungus Cure?

So is there really a Vicks toenail fungus cure?

The good news is that at least there has been research on the affect of this cream being applied onto the toenail fungus.

The bad news is that the research was actually really poor.

This was the research:

The study was conducted with the help of 18 people. So with all the fungus toenails out there they could only find 18 people to fit their criteria.

Even when they were in lab conditions, it still took the 18 subjects 48 weeks for a change in the fungus. Now that is not days but weeks…48 weeks for a change (not a cure or slight resolution, but a change).

We do not know how bad the fungus was to start with or even what change actually took place. We do not know the ages of the 18, any medical conditions that they had or even if they stopped and started the application.

After reading this, do you think that Vicks could have an affect on your fungus nails? For me no. It is not an effective study and also it is not one that is really significant. It doesn’t cure it, it doesn’t treat it in 2 days…it does what most of the other treatments do.

Why Didn’t It Work As Good In A Study Though?

People have been trying it on their fungus toenails but with everything that is applied to the nails, you need:

1- The ingredients that will actually do a job in being an anti-fungal.

2- The time and dedication to actually apply the Vicks to your toenail fungus on a regular basis

3-- To realize that it might take months- if it works at all.

The ingredients that are formulated are actually cough suppressants, and nose decongestants. And it actually works quite well...in those categories.

So what are these ingredients?

Camphor- has a very mild anti-microbial effect, it can be anti-itch and has a cooling effect. But the anti-microbial does little in the way of cough suppression.

Menthol- Slight pain killer but main function is as a coolant.

Eucalyptus oil- Reduces airway mucus, is anti-inflammatory and has a mild anti-microbial affect, it is also anti-bacterial.

It is probably Eucalyptus oil that has the best chance of being an anti-fungal agent, but because it is a mild agent, then the effectiveness of Vicks on a fungus toenail is reduced, especially if that toenail is heavily damaged with fungus.

One concern though is that Eucalyptus oil can be toxic at higher doses especially if ingested or applied topically to skin.

Therefore there is a very high concern that the application of Vicks to your fungus toenails over time (which would be needed due to the little amount of ingredient present) could actually be hazardous to you.

So Vicks toenail fungus cure doesn’t work. Try some more home remedies her

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