Hydrogen Peroxide & Toenail Fungus 101

Many people use Hydrogen peroxide, especially in manicure parlors and some clinics.

What they use it for are:

1- cleaning down the sides of nails

2- Stopping bleeding points

There is a problem with this though…

In most Chiropody training Colleges/ Universities this one chemical is banned because it is dangerous and because newer technologies have completely wiped out the need for existence in clinics.

It just shouldn’t be used.

However some people see home remedies as being safer or even “a secret”. To a point where “alternative medicine” advisers were suggesting drinking hydrogen peroxide and using it in many preparations. This then increased, and some people decided that this chemical was a great cancer cure. Then the Cancer Society of America had to release a statement:

“there is no scientific evidence that hydrogen peroxide is a safe, effective or useful cancer treatment”

But the damage had been done by people who just didn’t know.

But It Is A Cleaning Agent Right?

This chemical is an effective cleaning agent in the right mixes and on the right surfaces.

But it has got the common misconception that it is a disinfectant or antiseptic.

What it does to wounds is nothing, it is not an effective source for reducing bacterial infection and it can actually reduce healing and increase the likeliness of scarring because it hurts the new skin cells.

And again, it does not work upon fungi either- which fungal toenails are.

Also to use it would mean destroying the toenail and also the hydrogen peroxide would destroy the toenail anyway.

This is probably people are getting information from. because it destroys the toenail technically it destroys the fungus. So when a new toenail grows out…voila…no fungus. But the after effects and the nature of destruction onto the nail would be inadvisable for anyone to use it.

So Hydrogen Peroxide toenail fungus cure doesn’t work. Try some more home remedies here

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