Can I Really Treat Toenail Fungus At Home...Like, With Stuff I Can Find Around The Home?

To treat toenail fungus at home you have to think of 1 thing:

It depends what your toenail fungus looks like.

Not all treatments work that effectively. A very mild amount of fungus can be treated quite effectively with certain homeopathic remedies. However, if it is a huge mess of a nail then see the Doctor to get prescription tablets which will take down the fungus quite easily.

Tell me more about natural treatments to treat toenail fungus at home

Do not believe some homeopathic websites. Some natural cures just can not penetrate the toenail well enough to work, and they don’t contain too much of the active ingredient which can actually kill the darn thing.

Figuring out the BS from the truth can be found at out "largest home remedies for toenail fungus 101". here you will find:

  • the 8 issues with natural treatments
  • when to stop and give up :)
  • and more info about popular treatments like vinegar and coconut oil

The most effective herbs and "natural treatments" for toenail fungus can be found on our extensive 101 here "the most effective natural ways to treat toenail fungus at home"

Mild toenail fungus is much better than full on toenail fungus when treating with natural products

If you have a very mild case then you might have a chance of getting rid of it with various home, or natural remedies.


Because mild usually means:

  • the nail is growing at the same time that the fungus is growing, the fungus hasn't over taken the nail yet

Because natural treatments/ home treatments are so mild and have limited potency then you stand much more of a chance of getting at the toenail fungus.

You have to remember to check every single thing that you have been told to use. Just because it is natural does not mean safe and the amount of dangerous household chemical which people are recommending is really scary.

But whichever you use, just realize that treatment is going to:

  • take patience and a long time to implement.

Even then, after you think that it has gone there is no guarantee that the fungus doesn't come back

A possible effective home remedy treatment

Again, some people state that this works, other do not. But it is based on the fact that athletes foot and toenail fungus share the same fungi type.

Again this seems to be more effective when you have a very mild form of toenail fungus. But you get some athletes foot cream,

  1. gently buff your toenail to remove the shine of the nail where the fungus is and
  2. rub in the cream.

Needs to be done every other day, but after 3 months you should see the fungus "grow out" and not progress down the nail. if after 3 months there is no difference, stop. Again, read the cream box first and stop if any reactions and dont start if any allergies or interactions (check with the doctor first).

If you unsure then a trip to a Doctor or foot health professional will guide you in the right direction.

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