Boot stretching

by wefefwe

Is it worth it?


I think if you have only a little bit of stretching to do, like a really small bit, then go for it, it can help. Sometimes home stretching kits are not that good as professional shops which have specialised equipment to do it.

However if there is rubbing, cuts, blisters or even ulcerations present then more than likely you have the wrong shoes.

Your feet change over time, they are not what they were like 5 years ago, so making sure your feet are measured at each shoe buying is really needed.

Sometimes it is the style that is wrong and no price of shoe is going to change that...follow the 3 points:

1- depth
2- width
3- fastening

If your feet have bunions, or you have arthritis or bone deformity then high street shoe shops might not have what you are looking for and you may need specialised shoes.

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