What Athletes Foot Looks Like

Forget the name...athletes foot looks like a skin irritation that can be on anyone.

Why athletes?

Well if you think of mushrooms that is what athletes foot likes. It is a fungus, so:

  • warm
  • dark
  • moist
  • food source

Got any of those?

Yep, that is what humans have in spades. Mainly the feet (we keep feet locked away in socks and shoes/ slippers for most of the day. In between our thighs is another great place :)

Then what else is around your feet? Toenails. So the athletes foot can go from the skin to the nails and cause...toenail fungus.

The irritation is the fungus munching on our skin and our body trying to fight it.

Oh, and dont pick or scratch it- it can spread to your hands.

So what does athletes foot look like? Let's start with a mild case first

It depends. It can be very mild:

athletes foot looks like

Inbetween your toes, on the bottom of your foot or on the sides of your foot.

athletes foot

Then our athletes foot can get a little worse

At this stage the athletes foot is taking hold a little bit, treatment hasn't been started and the fungus is loving its new home. Just leaving it is not an option. It also looks like psoriasis, so it is a good idea to get it confirmed.

athletes foot taking hold

Then it gets worse. This is what major athletes foot looks like

The athletes foot gets worse. As you can see the skin looks drier on all pictures. When your skin dries it can crack and this causes a bleed. Now that the skin is open fungus can complicate the wound or a bacteria can jump in and the area gets infected. In this instance, medicated dressing and following by a medical professional is required.

Why does it get worse?

Because unlike a bacteria the body has difficulty getting rid of fungus on the skin, it can't do it effectively. So the fungus increases until intervention starts.

what major athletes foot looks like

As you can see there are different "stages" to athletes foot and stages can be treated differently.

With athletes foot, it is very wise to prevent it from happening in the first place. People who come to the clinic are usually mild cases and wanting to know the best minor stage athletes foot treatment- and how to prevent it.

You can find out how to treat and prevent athletes foot here.

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