Arthritis in Feet

by ewqf

How can I soothe them?


Arthritis in your foot can come from a variety of sources. because arthritis is basically a joint change. Now it has nothing to do with age, wear or tear or anything on those lines. We do not know why it occurs, it does and treatment methods are to relieve symptoms rather than to cure.

Sometimes people have a muscle problem, over use problem or even hard skin/ a corn and without looking it is hard to say what it could be,

If you have boney lumps anywhere then you probably have arthritis. Bunions are arthritis and sometimes a boney lump can form on the mid foot.

Most boney lumps in the foot come from bones moving and hitting one another- this allows the body to remove bone where it is not touching and increase bone density where it is hitting.

Shoes always play a part and finding comfortable ones is a must- running shoes are better. Sometimes an additional cushioning insole will help. In other cases an orthotic will help off load areas of high pressure and are sometimes used to slow down the arthritic process.

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