Are Sketchers Tone Ups Shoes Any Good?

by Jake

I like the tone up Sketchers shoes, they are meant to make you look slim just by using them. Are they any good?


Sketchers make good shoes and they always have done. The new model of running shoes is one that looks like a clog.

What happens is that your muscles over work to compensate for the misalignment that the shoes makes. The over use means over working which in turn munches more fat.

The problem, and a big one, is that muscles were intended to work a certain way not in the way we want them to work.

Overuse of a muscles puts strain on one muscle over another. This is not good because they were not intended to do that, that is why orthotics and stretching exercises are prescribed so much, to stop this from occurring.

We have seen many overuse injuries and they can be a pain to heal because you always have to use those muscles. Mal-alignment is never a good idea.

A good running shoe is all you really need.

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