Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar – toenail fungus killer! Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it. It sounds nice and soft, non threatening and surely one of those “best kept secrets” that those pesky health care professionals are keeping to themselves.

I have no idea where this treatment for fungal toenails has come from, but again I believe that it is

due to the acidic nature of the vinegar.

However, as with all soaks of any kind, it really only penetrates the skin, rather than the nail- especially when it is thickened with fungus. And then even if you have a small amount of fungus, you tend to find that the nail is impervious to water/ liquids anyway due to the nature of the nail design.

But The Mayo Clinic Said…

Actually the Mayo Clinic, if read right, actually states quite clearly that

“there is no direct evidence”.

And…here is the best part, “some studies have shown for it to inhibit bacterial growth“.

So when you have a topic about fungus, you obviously write about anti-bacterial preparations. 2 completely different organisms and 2 completely different treatment methods.

So what does the Mayo Clinic do…give you the information anyway.

The regime is to apply 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts water. Soaking for 10-20 minutes. making sure that your foot is dry afterwards. They suggest soaking daily.

Why The False Information Then?

It is not that it is false in that sense of the word, but when you have a fungus then anything that can kill a fungus is named.

Unfortunately you have to assess actually where the fungus is and how effective the treatment actually is going to be.

Now if you can get AC vinegar in a cream (which I doubt) and then apply that to your fungus toenail, then you might have an immensely better chance of the fungus being removed from your toenails.

Again unless you have Athletes Foot, then vinegar is probably not the best anti-toenail fungus treatment that you could use.

So the Apple cider vinegar toenail fungus cure doesn’t work. Try some more home remedies here