Any home treatments for toe nail fungus ?

by ilutylu

I have read online about all these different ones...are they any good?


With any type of home treatment, there has to be caution. Some people use anything, bleach has been one case, and then some people go way over the top when you state that you can use something in your home.

There are plenty of "home treatments" and I have classed them as natural treatments which can be found here: natural/ home remedies for fungus nails

If you check out that page I go into why people have failed success and how to apply whatever you use for maximum fungus beating.

One thing of caution. Online there is a multitude of websites offering this that and the other in fungus treatment. Be cautious with all types of medication, all natural medicaments and anything that will tell you that it will get rid of fungus 100%. You can not guarantee it...because sometimes it does come back. Also if you don't treat it effectively fungus spores will still be left around. But over medicating can be as ill advised as under medicating.

Seek professional help from a Herbal Doctor or Chiropodist when choosing anything.

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