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The AdiPrene Blue Silver Running Shoe. Picture:Wilburn Rogers

The Adidas Group consists of many sports brand names, some surprising names are: Reebok, Rockport and CCM-Hockey.

The company was founded by Adi and Rudolf Dassler, two brothers from Germany in 1924. Originally the company was called Dassler, and their name became known when their shoes were seen in the Olympics. The famous three-stripe logo wasn’t designed until after Rudolf quit Dasslerin order to start his own company, Puma. It was then that the name Adidas became the brand name of Adi’s company.

Originally the three striped were designed in order to help keep the foot stable, but it soon became the logo as well. For many years Adidas was the leading brand and their shoes were popular with Olympic athletes.

After the passing of Adi in 1978 his wife ran the company for 6 years until her death, and their son Horst only ran Adidas for 3 years until he died as well. There were subsequent financial difficulties, and eventually they were resolved.

The company is now the second largest sportswear manufacturing company in the world next to Nike, and the biggest sportswear manufacturer in Europe. In 2008 alone the company grossed 10.799 billion dollars in revenue and had over 38,000 employees.

What Have They Done?

Originally they manufactured sports foot wear and training shoes, they expanded to meet market needs to include leisure and apparel products. Today they have expanded the line even more to include fragrances.

What Does The adidas Logo Mean?

The Adidas logo has changed over the years, but always continuing to incorporate the 3 stripe design in some way. The meanings behind the various logo designs have included:

* AdiDassler’s original simple 3 stripe design that began being used on footwear in 1949

* The Trefoil was first used in 1971 with a geometric 3 stripe design symbolizing the brand’s diversity

* The 3 bar design appeared in 1997, which represents not only a mountain but also challenges that need to be faced and the goals that will be achieved.

* When Adidas and Salomon merged in 1997, a new logo appeared again, the blue for Adidas, the red for Salomon, and the diamond design representing the coming together of the two companies. Inside the diamond is a shape meant to represent a person with arms raised, celebrating their victory. This logo has not appeared on products but only on corporate documents.

Famous Spokespeople

A popular brand name which has garnered the attention of many celebrities, including Run DMC, who not only have their own signature line but also wrote a song called My Adidas. Since the creation of the Run DMC line, Adidas has also created signature lines for several other famous names, including Missy Elliot, TMAC (Tracy McGrady), Kevin Garnett and Stan Smith.

Today Adidas is part of the Adidas Group, and will continue to grow, design, manufacture and sell products for athletes and consumers of all types, including celebrities and those who will purchase Adidas products because of their reputation and highly identifiable brand.

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