Aching Feet

by wer

Why do I get aching feet at the end of the day?


Sometimes feet do just ache. Your muscles can be tired and within your foot you have many different types and sizes of muscles. If your feet start to ache it means to slow down and to take it easy.

That is usually what is missed- the warning signs. This is where we get over use injuries,. tendonitis and snapping of tendons and bruising of muscles. They are tired- relax.

Some people forget stretching, warming up and cooling down exercises.

If we do everything in normality then our bodies are fine with it. But if we stand on a brick floor with poor cushioning shoes and we have tight muscles then we are going to get sore and aching feet.

Also remember that if you have arthritis within your feet you are going to get feet that are more aching than normal- your joints and bones are not normal they are increasing stress and strain on other structures- and it is those structures that are getting tired and overworked so they ache.

Poor circulation can cause aching feet because of limited nutrients are given to structures within the foot. They demand it but are not getting it- cramp is usually a good sign of this.

Warm water baths are a good as it relaxes the muscles. However too much water baths can cause your skin to become more susceptible to infections and micro-organisms.

Trying to get shoes that are more cushioned or even running shoes has a great help.

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