Natural Remedy For Toenail Fungus

A true natural remedy for toenail fungus sometimes doesn’t involve just one item. This was seen with the booster for Tea Tree Oil.

It has been noticed that when plants are bunched together they can be quite a powerful force.

This is possibly because of the potency of chemicals needed to wipe out fungus toenail needs to be higher in concentration. Sometimes a singular remedy with its concentration increased could be toxic, so combining anti-fungal agents can be quite a wise move, if done correctly.

Again foot soaks seem to be the way most Naturopathic Doctors seem to be going.

Mix several drops of tincture of:

- black walnut hulls

- thyme

- pau d’arco

- spilanthes

- goldenseal

- oregano

In a quart of warm water. Then soak twice daily.

Dry your feet thoroughly (in between toes as well).

Sprinkle your feet with Sage powder which is a mild anti-antiperspirant and then wear clean cotton socks- a natural material which is helpful in allowing your feet to “breathe”.

Oregano – Super Herb.

Oregano was used by Hippocrates as an antiseptic. But it’s effects have been questionable to a point where the US FTC brought a law suit against a company claiming it could cure colds and flu.

It is odd because Oregano has been shown to be effective anti-microbial agent.

However it can be good against bacterial problems but there is a question mark over whether it can be effective against fungus.

Many Naturopathic Doctors however have “found” Oregano to be an effective remedy against toenail fungus. But if this is due to that they know of the properties of Oregano or they have physically found it to be effective is anyone’s guess.

However, to use oregano you have to:

Dilute 1 part oregano oil in 4 parts vegetable oil. Apply the mixture to your nails following the usual advice previously mentioned. Do this daily.

Again remember that patience is definitely needed here.

Tried oregano before? Try out another natural remedy HERE.

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