Fungus Toenail Prevention?

Toenail fungus can be a right pain. However, it can be treated.

But how do we get "it" in the first place. It can be "caught" in a few different ways. Here are the main ones to obtain toenail fungus.

But how do we actually prevent it in the first place?

Unfortunately toenail fungus can not be prevented 100%. It is all around us. It loves us:

  • our skin and nails are its food
  • we keep our feet in dark places away from fungus damaging light
  • our feet can get damp- which also adds to the fungus loving environment

Now we dont help ourselves either.

6 ways we increase the risk:

  1. our modern lives makes sure our feet are enclosed in socks and shoes (in some people this is required)
  2. sometimes our hygiene is not the best
  3. family history of biomechanics which allow our toes to hit the floor and to be traumatised
  4. if we have reduced circulation
  5. if we smoke
  6. athletes foot infections

To reduce our risk of toenail fungus we must therefore reduce everything which we just listed right?

Here are 6 ways to reduce the risk of toenail fungus.

  1. keeping our feet dry and "normal". We dont want our skin to be too dry and we dont want our skin to be too damp. The lovely inbetween is what we want. If it is safe to do so, dry off your feet from bathing and walk barefooted- or watch TV in a recliner for a bit.
  2. nail polish and nail polish remover is a good way to cover up fungus, but they can also increase the risk- especially the remover which can damage that "shiny" part of the top of the nail. Sometimes heavy use of nail polish remover also leaves white flecks on he nail
  3. Wear flipflops in public bathing spaces
  4. Change footwear and socks frequently. We had a patient who worked in a factory and their feet were wet every evening. Not damp- like hardcore wet. We advised to take extra socks and shoes to work and allow the wet shoes and socks time to dry.
  5. If you have a toenail fungus then buy 2 nail clippers. One for the fungus nail and one for the others. make sure other members of the household know about this and check their feet as well. Never use the affected clippers on your finger nails!
  6. If you banged your toenail or damaged it then monitor it and then if you see some minor discolouration then get it checked out. It is very easy to get that nail treated early and have a much higher success rate then leaving it and the fungus overwhelms the nail.

Hope this is helpful. Check out the toenail fungus 101 HQ for more info.

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