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October 11, 2013


Thanks for subscribing. We have been quite busy adding more pages of researched and experienced info to the website.

1- More toenail fungus treatments- some work, but many do not. Here are some of the common ones that I thought the website should address:

Can you really treat toenail fungus at home?

Can Hydrogen Peroxide cure fungus toenails?

How about Listerine as an effective treatment?

Vicks can cure it...right?

I have heard so much about Zetaclear..does that work?

I have also been trying to answer questions as quickly as I can (to ask a question click here: questions and answers) Many are actually about ingrown toenails and procedures. One thing that I have noticed is the complete lack of information regarding what the patient should expect post procedure from the clinician.

Always remember, they are your feet- ask as many questions regarding your care.

Until next time.

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