Laser And Toenail Fungus

Lovely Laser picture from here.

There recently has been a lot of information regarding laser treatment of the fungus toenail.

The idea behind it is promising

  1. no/ minimal pain,
  2. easy removal
  3. no side effect
  4. only a few treatments

What the laser does is effectively "burns" the fungus away within the nail. The main side effects are:

  1. If you keep the laser on a site for a long period of time it can burn and be sore
  2. burns to the surrounding skin
  3. nail might look different so you need to wait until the nail has fully grown out
  4. Sometimes with laser clinicians will give the patient a topical treatment for a double pronged attack. In this way you are trying to get the fungus through multiple routes. This could be considered a "plus" but then which treatment is really being the most effective and is that going to be more costly?
  5. It can be expensive (however prescription tablets and topical paints are also expensive) and with, as yet, no Governmental financial support for this, you have to make sure that your insurance will pay for it. Also it is a gamble.

However with everything that we have learnt, the fungus doesn’t give up a fight that easily.

The rate at which fungus does go depends upon the patient. In other words, if you do not follow the instructions to the latter, forget about it. Also again, there is no guarantee that the fungus is not going to come back, especially when fungus surrounds us within the environment.

If you are finding that your fungus problem is a huge problem, then maybe this might be a good route to go down.

Clinicians who have treated patient with lasers have found that it works, but at present they have not found out if there is re-occurrence of the toenail fungus.

And again you will find that people will mistreat on thickened nails rather than fungus and the whole cycle continues.

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