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It can be hard to find the right information about your painful foot or a nail that just doesn't look right. With thousands of websites and so little time. Which ones do you trust?

I believe that if you should explain the available effective treatments but most importantly explain how to actually try to prevent issues from coming, then your future foot might be in less pain.


let me help you with your footcare needs

I am a Chiropodist who works in Family Health Team seeing a whole range of patients. From 1 years old all the way to 100. With 3 years of training just concentrating on the foot and how the body interacts with it I built up theoretical knowledge. But when you get in the "real world" then you build up experience- that started in 2004. Sometimes you find short cuts, easier treatment techniques and knowing ultimately that everyone is different. They all have different footcare needs.

With each long article published I try to find the theory but also the real world version. Asking the following:

  • how did you get it in the first place?
  • does it get worse or stay the same?
  • can we treat it effectively?
  • how can we prevent it from coming back?

I see that you didnt talk about X, Y or Z

A lot of treatment methods are not new, many are just a little bit more effective than something else. You may find simple treatment options and you may find options that you need to see a qualified clinician. All treatment options are discussed, but only the effective are offered- you maybe surprised to learn that most websites actually over treat, or even offer a treatment without the known facts.

Some treatment options if used too regularly can build up toxicity within your body, we don't want that. Also most of the common conditions can be reduced or even prevented from appearing again.

 finding the right footcare information

With everything being in one area with things being tweaked, added-to and improved almost on a daily basis, LDFootcare is striving to be the number one resource for footcare online.

So the most common nail conditions that people have:

Some skin conditions. How they are formed and what you can do about them:

The most common foot pain issues:

Then we have Diabetes, orthotics, inserts and running shoes.

Keep up to date

If you want to keep track of what is going on at the site, then check out our blog: L&D Blog.or even check out the LDFootcare Facebook page.

I hope the journey through this site will educate and offer some solutions to some of your questions.

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