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I am Dominic. Footcare clinician (Chiropodist) and content director at LDFootcare. LDFootcare started as a clinic in Southern Ontario, Canada and then came online promoting preventative footcare.

To promote prevention we have created content for other clinicians, consulted with large and small companies willing to implement footcare withing their business, taught clinicians/ nurses/ Doctors about prevention and footcare risks. We teach seminars to patients and are Amazon authors. You can find out more about our journey here.

At LDFootcare we strive to provide the best information that has been tried and tested. We always go and figure the cause of the problem.

The website has been set up to try and find the issue. So if you have a corn- different types of corn require different types of treatment. So we will show you what a corn is and you can choose which corn you have. This then leads to treatment and preventative treatment.

We offer products which we believe are cool and helpful- but have been used and tested. We are clinicians who see patients day in day out with a variety of foot issues. They tell us what has worked and we see what has worked. We want to help.

Mission: We want to be there for your footcare needs and prevent issues from happening in the first place. We want to be the best place for patients to visit.


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Keep up to date.

If you want to keep track of what is going on at the site, then check out our blog: L&D Blog. We only post when we think there is something to know. Or even check out the LDFootcare Facebook page.

I hope the journey through this site will educate and offer some solutions to some of your questions.

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About Dominic Hough

Hi. I'm Dominic. I treat patients every day at a local clinic. I am a trained Chiropodist and I care about prevention. I designed the website to help readers understand treat and even prevent issues from happening to their feet.