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Toe Walking Midfoot Walking?

I have been reading much about the different walking techniques people are doing. Some athletes are tip toe running/walking and they found that it increases endurance/ performance.

A research article came out and stated that we actually should be walking more on our arch and that it should actually come down and touch the floor.

Each one of these arguments is the extreme.

If you try running on tip toes, it does seem to be faster for a quick burst of speed- but that is not how we walk.

Arch walking it difficult if not hard to do nowadays on concrete- we have adapted to that. Have you seen our feet in sand prints? No arch- when someone has a biomechanical issue or they are overweight then you see the arch fall flat the muscles which keep it up get pushed down.

When we walk, we actually start with the outside of our heel and then naturally go through the outside of our foot, it then goes diagonal through the midfoot and then through our big toe. That is why it is so big- to push us off.

When we toe walk/ run we bypass a lot of natural stages moving our foot through un-natural positions increasing pressures on areas which were not designed to have those pressures acted upon them.

Just my 2 cents.

Surely there are some natural cures for toenail fungus?

So what are some of the natural cures for toenail fungus?

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Can I treat toenail fungus at home?

Is it possible to treat toenail fungus, effectively, at home?

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Plantar fasciitis

I was diagnosed w/PF 3 years ago. Have been diligent with exercises and icing daily. Was told my shoes were too worn. Went out an got a pair of new

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Plantar Fasciitis

Are there any other things you can do for this condition other than the right sneakers and orthotics in your shoes? Also, I have 3 bulging disks in my

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pale white skin after having a partial toe nail removed

Is this normal to have dead white color to the toe after having part of the big toenail removed? Hi Make sure that the torniquet that they used is off

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I have had a callus on the bottom of my big toes for as long as I can remember. I'm 43. For the last year or so, every so often it feels like I have

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Need good shoes

I have very wide toes and a skinny heel, almost shaped like a pizza. My big toe has changed to a gray color and my second toes have thickened nails. My

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heel corns

I have a very painful corn on my heel. the pain radiates all the way up my leg to my knee. i have a spur on that heel as well. Is it possible for me to

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little toe ulcer and little toe corn

how do I get rid of a toe ulcer...I keep getting corns on the inside of little toe and the top part gets an ulcer which is painful. Hi. The ulcer is

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Heel Pain. Here Is A Really Simple Solution To Control It.

Your heels hurt like anything. People say heel pain!. Yeah, we know, so what is it?

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Where to go for foot molds and cost

I have a pair of worn out langer sporthotics to go in my saucing ca stabil running shoes. I now live in placerville ca. Is there somewhere nearby that

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toe nail care after the fact

Big toe nails turned black now 1 fell off. The other 1 ready 2 fall off im diabetic im not in pain wat shall i do? Thanx ---------- Hi Maria

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Diabetes And The Feet.. What You Really Need To Know.

Ok, so what actually is Diabetes...and what's the point?

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Is It A Toenail Fungus?

Most toenail fungus treatments that are right for the patient, and that are actual treatments rather than bonkers methods (i.e. antibiotics and bleach) usual resolve the fungus from 3-6 months onwards. In other words, you can start to see it working.

Resolution usually occurs after 12 months. That is the outline for many treatments because the toenail grows at a really slow rate- nothing can increase that speed.

However if after 12 months of tablets or creams/ paints and still nothing occurs then you really have to ask yourself, is this really a toenail fungus?

When you look at a large proportion of patients with toenail fungus you actually find that many do not have toenail fungus...the treatments that they have been given were actually the wrong treatments, for the wrong thing.

I have created a simple ebook, that's free, that explains what you could have, what it looks like and how to treat can get it from here: Free "It Might Not Be A Toenail Fungus" Ebook

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