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I have bunions on both my feet. I am horrified! The one on my left foot is larger than the one on the right. I have had 3 doctors (one recently) to tell

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Thick Second Toenail

Hi there, I had a fungal infection on three toe nails (after a bad pedicure). Two of the three were completely cured with Penlac (in 2010). The other

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thickened second toenail

I had my bunion removed and now second toe is longer than big toe and since I don't have strength in big toe my second toes grips shoes, floor etc when

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Hallux Rigidus and Hallux Limitus

I love your site but could not find anything about Hallux Rigidus. Do you have good information on the cause, treatment and prevention? I am particularly

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Amorolfine and Loceryl

Toenail fungus: AMOROLFINE I did not see anything about your opinion on Loceryl or Cureanail. It seems much easier as it is only applied once a week &

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